Nevada's Atomic History

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The nuclear bomb is without question the most terrible weapon ever wrought by mankind..What's more.. it was designed and built with the intention that it would never be used. But from 1951 though 1992 American nuclear scientists perfected their inventions by testing more than one thousand nuclear weapons altogether 928 were detonated here at the Nevada Test Site. It was a heady time where many assumed the world would be blown to bits by a megaton mushroom cloud.
The United States detonated a hundred nuclear devices in the atmosphere at the test site..some of which had the explosive force equivalent to a million tons of TNT. The awesome destructive power wasn't lost on those who believed they were saving the world by perfecting ways of destroying it.
Dr. William G. Johnson, director\Atomic Testing Museum says "You can say..If we hadn't of done it..maybe we all would be speaking a different language by now."
The nuclear testing that was once top secret has now been declassified and is now open for the world to see at this one of a kind museum. The Atomic Testing Museum traces the development of the atomic bomb at the Nevada Test Site and its impact on the world.
Troy Wade, President, Nevada Test Site Foundatio, says]"Nuclear weaponry stands out as one of the highlights of the time period..Things like the development of cities..the beginning of agriculture..Nuclear weaponry is a really big deal.."
Even though the cold war is over..the danger of nuclear proliferation by rogue nations is still a reality. For that reason..nuclear scientists still test nuclear components at the site on a regular basis. Not only does the museum depict the past and present. it may also someday present the future