Nursing Wounds

Ariane Rae began nursing school at Western Nevada Community College last August. The only one in her class who was pregnant at the time she stood out. After the birth of her baby Athena Ariane still was able to make classes and continue with her clinical work.
Then last November 18th Ariane says she tried to wake Athena up from a nap. "I started CPR right away you know I work in the nursing program I know basic care. Started CPR and I said its gonna work, its gonna work, and the longer it went on I knew it wasn't going to be ok--she was never going to be ok."
Araine says with all the confusion and sadness, she opted to take a test that day to resume some kind of normalcy.
In the end, Athena's death was attributed to SIDS. Her story and Ariane's bravery were an inspiration to fellow nursing students who decided to do something in both their honor. " We decided to do a benefit for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome in the name of her daughter Athena. Just to support her family in this time of need. Also those in this community that have had this same experience."
Ariane says she's been overwhelmed by the support, and inspired by her daughters death to continue with nursing eventually becoming a neo-natal nurse and researcher looking into the causes of SIDS.