World Poker Tour

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Two years ago at this time, very few people had ever heard of "No Limit, Texas Hold 'Em."
Today, that poker game is sweeping the nation.
A few hundred of the world's best poker players are in town until Friday.
The championship event for the World Poker challenge started today at high noon.
The buy-in for this tournament was five thousand dollars.
That got players ten thousand dollars in chips.
638-thousand dollars of the prize money goes to last man, or woman standing.
This is the fourth year the Reno Hilton has hosted the a charter member of the World Poker Tour.
The Travel Channel is televising the event in June, so we can't tell you who wins.
But, we can tell you the tournament goes until Friday.
The finals will be held in the Hilton's ballroom...and is open to the public.
The object of the game is to get to the final table.
At any time, you can go "all in"...which means risk ALL your chips on the hunch you have a better hand than your opponent, or you can bluff.
Fans of the game say they started to get interested when they saw poker on national television.
Now, "No Limit Texas Hold Em" is broadcast on practically every cable station in every television market.