Stalked, Beaten & Robbed

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Saturday evening began with pleasant surprise. 26 year old Shawna Myrhre won the $10-thousand dollar weekend drawing at the Gold Dust West. She asked for her winnings in cash and declined an security escort, but had friends walk her to her car. She said she would meet them later, but there was something she wanted to do first. She wanted to get her winnings safely home. So, she left her friends, got in car car and drove to Sparks.She drove her to the Sierra Woods apartment complex just off Greenbrae, got out of her car and was immediately attacked. If her attacker was after her casino winnings he didn't get it. Myrhre clutched the cash in her hand as she tried to escape....quite an achievement considering.
Myrhre crawled to her apartment summoning help from her roommate. Her attacker fled with her purse and checkbook, leaving behind the apparent weapon...a hardwood club, and the envelope with the cash...still clutched in her hand.
Shawna Myhre is in serious condition with a skull fracture. She's under sedation and has been unable so far to give police a description of her attacker. Investigators are pouring over security tapes from the Gold Dust West looking for clues.
Meanwhile....Secret Witness has posted a $15 hundred dollar reward in this case. If you have information you can call their number 322-4900 and remain anonymous.