UNR Personal Safety Lecture

Officer Eric James teaches these personal safety courses to students and faculty up at U-N-R.

But this noontime course is being taught under a dark cloud--the disappearance of Brianna Dennison.
Although not a student here, it is believed she was abducted just one block away, which has some women here re-examining their routines.

Jillian Urbani is a Junior up on campus.

"A lot of things he said. I honestly didn't know. There are things he said not to do that I have done before so pretty eye opening."

The class covered common sense safety tips like locking doors, being aware of your environment and listening to your gut instinct.

But there was also advise like using a cell phone to not only be in constant contact with someone, but also taking a picture of someone who you think might be a threat.

Urbani says she was surprised what types of things can help you when you feel threatened.

"A lot of self defense things. Use anything you might have. Starbucks, you know throw it on someone. Just little things you would think could be self dense tools can.

Most people we talked to say the lecture had them re-examining their own personal safety policy. And while Officer James said there are no guarantees, being aware can cut your chances of being a victim by 90-percent.

Most people would take those odds.