March Storms Great For Business

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At a time of the season when business usually starts slowing down at area resorts... huge March storms have kept things humming along.
From ski areas to gas stations... A stormy March has been great for business.
Over the last few weeks the high sierra has seen more than seven feet of snow. At times making for horrid driving conditions. But a flood of people trying to get in a little end of the season action.
Ski resorts aren't the only ones reaping the rewards of freshly fallen snow. Service stations have had a bang up winter. Snow Chains, Wiper Blades... And washer fluid among the top sellers.
Last night their was a full house at the Best Western... But this time of year can be hit or miss.
But once warmer spring weather takes a firm grasp on our weather... The reality is minds will turn to golf or tennis or the beach.