1400 Calls Regarding Missing Persons in Air Race Tragedy

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Emergency managers, volunteers and law enforcement are struggling to whittle down a massive number of calls about people reported missing in the National Championship Air Race tragedy.

“We are now following up,” said eGovernment Information Officer with Washoe County, Chris Matthews. He said last night it was 7 people making calls, and it is “everybody. With a number like 1400 we need to get that number down. It is volunteers to people with the Sheriffs office.”

If you reported someone missing and have since found them, it is your turn to help out he says.

“We would request that the person reported missing make the call if possible. It is best that we hear from the actual person reported missing. We would appreciate that assistance.

From in-state, call 211. From out of state, call: 775-784-8090. Matthews is working on getting a more accurate number of the people who are still reported missing in the tragedy beyond the number of calls they have received.

Now that the family assistance center is closed and there is only the virtual center, and “we are going to try to ramp up those calls,” he says.

There is another, more difficult task going on in that center too: “We are conducting interviews over the phone. They are called ‘anti-mortem’ interviews, about potential victims; what they might have been wearing that allows us to more accurately identify potential victims.”

“We certainly know that the number of people involved is considerably less than 1400, but we have to follow up on all of those calls.”