More Ford Recalls

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Ford owner Sharon Dworcyak: "We heard a boom and we looked out the window and saw the fire." Explosions like that got the attention, not only of Ford owners, but of government investigators as well.
Several hundred Ford Pickups and SUVs have mysteriously caught fire. Investigators believe the problem starts here: a faulty cruise-control switch under the hood of Ford F-150 Pickups, Expeditions, and Navigators.
Clarence Ditlow, Center for Auto Safety: "This is one of the most dangerous defects that we have seen because what happens is it can strike when the vehicle is turned of parked in your garage at night and set the house on fire."
Ford has already recalled the entire 2000 model line of those vehicles to replace the switch. But that hasn't resolved the problem.
As recently as this month, there's been a report of another fire in a model year not covered by the recall. Kenneth Bankhead's 1999 Expedition caught fire in the family's garage. He says he tried to get that switch replaced, well before the fire.
Ford owner Kenneth Bankhead: "I called 3 Ford dealerships in the Houston area, they told me the '99 Ford Expedition was not covered by the recall. As a result of incidents like this, the government probe has expanded. Investigators are now looking at 3.7 million trucks and SUVs made in the mid-90s through 2002. The investigation covers the model years 1995 through 2002--not counting the 2000 year because that's already been recalled. Ford Motor Company says it's still not clear what caused the fires in the trucks from other model years. But Ford says it's working with the government to figure out what the problem is...and fix it if necessary.