Mail Thefts

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Douglas County is putting out a warning for residents tonight...thieves are after your mail.
Between Sunday and Monday, thieves may have stolen personal and banking information...from a cluster of mailboxes on Haystack Drive.
It was reported that two of the outgoing mail slots had been pried open.
No personal mailboxes were tampered with.
But, sheriff's deputies recommend anyone who lives in the alert their financial institutions of the theft.
Postal carriers say, for the time being, to put your outgoing mail in a secure location...or drop it off at the post office.
They say never lift up your let your postal carrier know you have outgoing mail.
That's just an invitation for thieves to steal your identity.
Identity theft affects about 750-thousand people a year...with an average loss of 18-thousand dollars.
Once victimized, it could take several years for you to regain financial health.