Missing Girl Draws National Attention

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Brianna Denison's smiling photograph can be seen all over the nation. What's causing the media buzz nationwide over the missing co-ed?

Her family says this is the way they wanted it. From the moment Brianna went missing, her family has one goal--and that is bringing her home safely. Her aunt, Lauren Denison, says the more coverage her niece gets, the more likely they'll be to get her back.

Drive down McCarran in East Sparks...and you'll see Brianna's face. Head north on 395, and you'll see her picture. Downtown, you'll see her. And walk into almost any store in store in Reno, and most likely, Brianna Denison's smiling photograph will greet you at the door.

"She's attractive, she's young...and you know, that doesn't happen that often around here," says John Johnson, who spotted a missing person poster at a local gas station.

Is it her looks, her less than one hundred-pound frame...or perhaps the fact that so far, police have not released any solid leads?

Pat Parker of Lockwood says the attention is needed.

"I think it's absolutely necessary that it is a national issue because this girl could be anywhere and whoever abducted her could have done this before."

National media organizations are following the case, photographing the home Brianna disappeared from, spreading the word across the country.

FOX News Channel is set up in front of the Reno Police Department, waiting to hear the word, any word, of progress in the search for Brianna. What is it that makes her disappearance so intriguing? FOX correspondent Claudia Cowan says it's a classic mystery.

"It's just a strange and baffling case and now we're on the trail. We're finding out what investigators are doing. Are they canvassing the neighborhood?"

National news teams cover what they think people want to see. More viewers for them also bring more eyes looking for Brianna. And Cowan says that means a greater chance of a break in the case.

"We also want to help Brianna's family find her and bring her home safely. The more we put her picture out there, it's seen across the country. Perhaps it will jog someone's memory."