UNR Reacts To Denison

Here at the the Joe Crowley student union flyers are stacked on counters alerting students to the disappearance of 19-year old Brianna Denison. She was last seen at this house on Mackay Court just a block from campus. And even though she is not a student here, her story reinforces the importance of personal safety.

Jenni Miller is a junior
" I'm in a sorority. We always try to lock our doors that is an important thing. There are some girls in our sorority who were close to her and knew her. A lot of them are concerned. Obviously you don't hear something like this happen every day in this town."

Senior Patti Tarlagia says, " Nothing changes too much. I always lock my car. Living in the sorority really teaches you. You have to really kind of be aware. Living in a house with 39-girls you are always aware."

The campus is just a couple of miles from downtown and Virginia Street which runs right along side UNR is a major artery not only through town but to a major interstate. That's a fact campus police say the community here has to live with.

Todd Renwick is the /University Police Assistant Chief:
"Because of the location. This scenario there are a lot of things we have continually tried preaching to our community to be careful about. This is a horrible tragic incident that we want to make sure we obviously solve and to to the bottom of it and hopefully make an arrest very soon."

Renwick believes the campus police have been pro-active here, the flyers not only show Brianna's picture, but also safety tips about walking home at night, locking doors and using the campus escort service.

One student we talked to says she's considering one more.
Krystal Bick is a senior at UNR.

" I was talking to somebody a half hour ago. I'm thinking about carrying mace with me. And i've never thought about carrying mack with me. But considering what's happened, I don't think its a bad idea any more."