Making Water

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NASA is testing a system that would recycle an astronaut's own sweat, respiration, and urine into drinking water. It's a question researchers at the University of Nevada have thought about for some time. Right now, they're testing a device intended for the space station.
Dr. Dean Adams from the University of Nevada College of Engineering
says every pound is lots of dollars in space, so the minimum amount transported to space the better off they are as far as costs. It's imperative they recycle various things in the space shuttle.
It could be two and half years before the water system is loaded onto a serve an American astronaut and Russian cosmonaut living in space. But, smaller and simpler versions will soon be put to use on earth.
Kevin Chambers, Crestridge's Managing Director, says polluted water in third world countries is their predominant interest. The Reno-based investment firm, Crestridge, develops filtration devices...which produce fresh water. Sparks contractor, ProtoFab, is building prototypes of what the systems would be.
The company hopes to send 10-truck mounted, and at least three trailer devices to Iraq...and 12 of the larger packaging units to Southeast Asia.
The United Nations report says two-point-four billion people have no access to sanitation...leading to three million deaths every year.