Family Affair

Father and son Chuck and Charlie Nahorniak. Both members of unions, both keep up with current events.
Both want to participate for the first time in the Nevada Caucus but not for the same reason.
Charlie Nahorniak is a Hillary Clinton Supporter

I'm excited about the process. I'm glad to be a part of it."

Chuck Nahorniak is uncommitted:

" I'm very skeptical about the process."

Charlie is a member of the Carpenters Union. But is going against the grain and supporting Hillary Clinton, His father is a a member of the United Auto Workers, but because of out sourcing has been displaced.

" Health care, out sourcing of our jobs, trade deficit all come together."

Chuck will have to register as a democrat at his caucus site here at Mendive Middle School. An undecided he will be lobbied by different campaigns to join their ranks.

At Marvin Moss Elementary, Charlie will sit quietly on the Hilllary Clinton side of the room as organizers start to take a body count. Charlie says there were more Obama supporters than Clinton.

" Eleven people were the deciding factor."

In the end Obama will get the most votes in this room.
And he would win at Mendive in Chuck's precinct.
But Chuck Nahorniak will leave still undecided.

" I would like to see someone come in who thinks more like I do."

For 13-year old grandaughter Hannah the process was a bore. But it didn't dampen her spirits on the thought of possibly having a woman in the White House.

" Women have always been in the shadow and they need to be represented."