Reno Gang: High Speed Chase & Attack In South Reno

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Police responded to a 911 emergency call after a high-speed chase and attack in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Six vehicles filled with youths aged between 18-25 chased two teenagers in their white Trail Blazer SUV from the In & Out Burger on South Virginia Street, along South Meadows Parkway after an incident occurred at the burger joint.

The vehicles travelling at speeds of up to 80-90mph sped through the streets ignoring traffic stops signs and red lights, until the SUV containing the two terrified teens spun out at the intersection of South Meadows Parkway and Double Diamond.

The two teens fled the SUV fearing for their life’s, as the youths in the six other vehicles proceeded to smash and loot the Trail Blazer, stealing speakers, CD player and other valuable items.

Witnesses arriving at the scene found the abandoned SUV and witnessed some of the stolen items being loaded into one of the vehicles before speeding off.

Reno Police Officers responded extremely quickly to the report and believe that the six vehicles and its occupants where members of the so-called Straight Edge Gang.

Officers where given licence plate numbers of some of the vehicles involved in the attack and descriptions of some of the youths involved, officers are still investigating.