Mack Reaction

"Motion Denied."

With that, all of Darren Mack's claims of not knowing what his plea bargain meant, and his claims of incompetence by his former attorneys have been set aside at least for now.

"I have to be very mindful here..I think we need to take a writ to the supreme court before sentencing." said William Routsis, Mack's attorney outside the courthouse.

Routsis was allowed not 15-minutes as in required in supreme court arguements, but four days and 17-witnesses--including Darren Mack himself to convince the judge Darren deserved to change his plea and get a new trial.

Those witnesses included Mack's old attorneys Scott Freeman and David Chesnoff who would talk openly about Darren and their defense strategy--attorney client priviledge was waived as a result of this change of plea being filed. Prosecutor Christopher Lalli says he'll take the information he gained at the hearing and use it against Darren Mack at sentencing.

"The important thing here is whenever you litigate any issue there is risk involved and as a competent lawyer you have to take those risks into consideration when you make a decision."

Sentencing is scheduled for February seventh and 8th. For Charla Mack's mother it couldn't come sooner. In and out of court has been stressful for her, but the thought of a new trail was simply too much to contemplate. The judge's decision today she says gives her faith in the system itself.

"I thought it was fabulous and fair, I really don't, I don't know how to express everything that I felt. But I have such faith in our justice system, and I am very proud to be an American today."