The Yucca Battle Heats Up

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The Commission has been working to defeat the proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear repository idea for decades.

The emails telling of the falsified scientific research is just the latest form of ammunition the commission can use against the project.

According to commissioners, the case in support of Yucca Mountain has been crumbling over the past few years...and has seriously deteriorated in the past few weeks.

"It's been a series of unfortunate events for the Department of Energy, ranging from the standards being thrown out last year to the director resigning, the budget being cut in half, the nuclear industry officials now saying they no longer think Yucca is going to work to this more recent event of the falsified data," says Bob Loux, the Executive Director of the Agency for Nuclear Projects.

But for Nevadans against storing waste in their home state, the Department of Energy's mistakes have been their gain.

"They believe the project--as the chairman said--is on death row, it just hasn't reached the execution chamber yet. They all feel the proposal is spinning downhill really quick and we all believe it's virtually going to be over before too long."

Nevada's lawmakers continue to make their case and complaints heard on the federal level.

Attorney General Sandoval and both Senators Reid and Ensign have urged the Department of Justice to not only oversee the investigation into the recent scandals, but to secure the site from further manipulation.

"There's a growing loss of confidence both in the utility industry and in Congress over the Yucca Mountain issue."

Attorney General Brian Sandoval was unable to attend today's meeting...but, a representative from his offices says that they're feeling very optimistic that the Yucca Mountain proposal has reached the end of its tumultuous lifespan.