Charred Body Discovered in Carson City Home

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A fire broke out in a double-wide trailer, taking the life of at least one person in Carson City.

Around 6:00 a.m this morning, firefighters were dispatched to the mobile home on Star Way.

Witnesses say noxious fumes from burning rubber tires took over the neighborhood, sending many people out of their homes.

"When we got here, it was fully involved. There were flames like 50 feet in the air. We couldn't get inside the building. There was too much fire."

"Nobody could get by. Our water started turning black after awhile."

It took two hours to put out the flames...but once inside, firefighters found something even more disturbing.

"The utilities have been shut off for months, so we kind of thought this was a vacant building. It turns out, it wasn't."

The body of an older woman was discovered near the back of the home.

Detectives were able to talk with the woman's daughter.

She told them her mother may not have been alone so firefighters began searching for a second body.

"Her mother and this gentleman had been together for the past 15 years. This has been somewhat of a volatile relationship. But that's not to say he is a suspect of this incident at this point. He's a person of interest and I need to get a hold of him immediately."

Detectives later contacted the boyfriend by phone in Susanville, turning firefighters' efforts toward cleanup, not recovery. Investigators say they still don't know what, or who, may have caused the fire but it seems to have started near the mechanic storage shop in the back of the home.

Neighbors were devastated by the news.

"I knew them pretty well. I used to get tires from him and whatnot. It's just sad to know."

investigators say there was just something odd about the whole situation.

The gas and electricity had been off for months, but there was some evidence inside the home of the use of kerosene heaters.

They don't think the heaters caused the fire, but at this point, they don't know what did.

Detectives say once it's safe to go back inside, forensic specialists will begin searching for evidence of foul play.

Investigators are still talking with family members, and they are hoping to get help from the public.

If you know anything about what may have happened this morning, you can call the Carson City sheriff's office at 887-2020.