Duncan Hunter, Presidential Candidate Visits Fernley & Reno

Presidential Candidate, will be to touring Fernley and the flood area with Fernley Mayor Todd Cutler this afternoon beginning about 2:30 PM.

Hunter and his family know disaster firsthand having lost their family home in the wildfires of Southern California in 2003 and nearly losing their home again this year.

Having served with Governor Jim Gibbons in Congress, Congressman Hunter was first to call Nevada’s Governor to offer any help at his disposal.

Following the Fernley City and flood area tour, Presidential candidate Duncan Hunter will also accompany Mayor Todd Cutler to the Fernley Veterans Cemetery where the Congressman will pay honor to the many American Veteran Heroes in final rest at the Fernley site.

On Friday Hunter will be visiting the Veterans Guest House at 880 Locust Street, around 9 AM Friday across from Reno’s VA Medical Center.

Veterans needs are keenly understood by the Hunter family; as Congressman Hunter’s father was a WW 2 Marine officer in the South Pacific, Congressman Hunter served in Vietnam with the Army Rangers and Duncan’s son Duncan, just returned from his Marine duty of 2 tours in Iraq and 1 in Afghanistan.

Congressman Hunter is also a former Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee.

The Veterans Guest House is a unique project, began nearly 16 years ago, providing temporary housing accommodations for Veterans and loved ones/care givers when their Veteran requires medical care at the nearby VA Medical Center or other medical providers providing service to Veterans in the area.

Started after a couple Veterans found a stranded Veteran’s family sleeping in a car outside the VA while their loved one was seriously ill inside the hospital.

The Veterans Guest House has provided over 6,000 bed nights for guests in the past 2 years since opening a new facility on Veterans Day 2005.

Veterans and loved ones often have to drive hundreds of miles to receive medical services.

Veterans Guest House accommodations are primarily provided through the generosity of individual and group donors and does not receive government subsidies.

Congressman Hunter is here to see this marvelous project provided by private citizens to make sure our Veterans and their loved ones receive their deserved thanks for the service and sacrifices they have provided for all Americans.

Congressman Duncan Hunter is here to experience the end product of the many people behind the Veterans Guest House, who “provide U.S. military service Veterans and their families with caring support during times of medical need.”