Reno's New Neighbor

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There's no hiding the fact that people are excited about 150-thousand square feet of outdoor gear. But, for those who live or work in that part of Reno--and Verdi--the excitement is coupled with some anxiety.

What's now Boomtown's big-rig parking lot off of Highway 80...will soon be transformed into what's regularly considered the "Disneyland" of hunting and fishing gear.

To the west of Cabela's future home are the homes of Verdi residents, people who treasure their small community.

"It's not going to be quiet anymore. It really isn't and that's the sad part. How could it be?" says Rose Myers, the Secretary to the Verdi Community Advisory Board.

Myers says the primary concern for most people in Verdi is the traffic that this store will bring to their quiet streets.

"Cabela's is huge. It's going to have a major impact on the community of Verdi."

On the flip side, Myers--and many other people in her area--have been buying gear from Cabela's catalogs for years and look forward to the opportunity purchase in person.

Right now, Cabela's has ten retail locations, most in the midwest or on the east coast. The store's management says Reno is an ideal location, as it should draw hunters and anglers from throughout the entire western states.

"They're going to be in 7th heaven. They're going to plan vacations here, I bet," says Myers.

That kind of traffic also means the potential for big business for Boomtown and other casinos in the area that have seen their revenues slide since the advent of Indian gaming.

"Boomtown and the region have been looking for ways to boost the local economy. Cabela's is great, it's not casino based and it'll help us and the entire Reno area," says Pat Bassney, Boomtown's Senior Marketing Director.

By some estimations, a Reno Cabela's could bring 700 to 800 thousand dollars a year to the area in tourism revenue alone.