Wolf Pack Travel

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Time is running out for Wolfpack fans to make it to the big game in Indianapolis.
Travel agents are very busy...trying to get fans to Indianapolis.
As I found out, if you don't have a ticket already, be prepared to spend a lot of money.
A quick check of the internet...and airline tickets, from Reno to Indianapolis, are through the roof.
The more stops you make, the less expensive.
But, as we get closer to tip-off...the question isn't price, it's availability.
A reasonable last minute fare of 750-dollars.
Now, tickets to the game are a different story.
There's plenty of them...ranging from 50 to 60 dollars.
The University only sold 200 of the 320 allotted to Nevada students, faculty, boosters, and donors.
We found a half dozen or so people leaving on one of the last flights to Indianapolis for the day.
They say they planned ahead, and that made all the difference.
Reno has NO direct flights to Indianapolis, and connections can be difficult.
But, some diehard fans are willing to maybe miss work on Monday to see the Pack play.
If the team wins both games in Indianapolis, it would next play in Chicago.
Reno HAS a direct flight to O'Hare, so travel agents say airline tickets would be much less expensive.