Fernley Bounces Back With Basketball

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People in Fernley haven't had much to cheer about this past week, that is until their high school boys basketball team took the court Friday night against an arch rival.

It's hard to believe Fernley High School was the the same place crawling with evacuees less than a week ago.

Fernley High student Vinesa Hoagland and her brother hardly need the reminder. Their stepfather had to carry them on his back after heavy flooding forced them out of their home.

"We ended up having to escape out of the window," says Hoagland. "Because there was about five feet of water on the roof."

Hoagland and others are quickly rallying back from the disaster. The junior says she's learning more about herself and her community.

"It's been good," says Hoagland. "The community came together, we just have to try and stay positive all the time."

The school is doing thorough check-throughs to make sure every student affected by the floods has enough supplies and books to make it through the rest of the year. Teachers say they're impressed by how quickly many of these students are recovering.

"The kids have been great," says Diane Chabin, a teacher at Fernley High. "They're showing up and doing work."

Over one hundred fans packed into the gym to watch Fernley take on Truckee. The crowd and the Vacqueros were understandably antsy since the storm canceled their last game. But that hardly interfered with their ability to appreciate a town standing together in the face of disaster.

"Our community has gone through so much," says Hoagland. "The support from the school and the athletics is really what it's all about."