Wild Horse Commission Legal Action

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Conservation and Natural Resources Director Allen Biaggi testified today, our state could sue the feds for more money to manage wild horse herds. But he says there is a downside. Overall federal dollars are declining, and such litigation could jeopardize relationships with agencies trying to help wild horse herds.

Mike Kirk D.V.M and /Commission Chairman says his board is looking at options to help preserve the wild horse in our state.

"They deserve to have a place in herd management areas, to thrive in one ecological balance so you are not going to see them disappear that will never happen."

Kirk has been chairman of the commission and says this is the first time in his experience the baord has considered litigation seeking federal dollars. While the B-L-M updated its survey of land and herds and removal of excess horses for a healthier range. The commission continued to press about the total effectiveness of the program.

Michael Holbert BLM Deputy State Director says the agency has goals that should accomodate both land and horses.

"To date with BLM appropriate management levels about 13,500 animal level at this point is, we are hovering at the right now."

While facts and figures were bantered about, some in the audience who are advocates for the horses themselves believe the system is broken. More money they say should be alloted to the animals rather than the people who count them.

Sally Summers from the non-profit Horse Power says its frustrating to hear about money that she believes isn't going to wild horses that belong to all of us.

"Why don't we invest, instead of spending 10-thousand dollars for every census take a couple of census, those flyovers which you really don't get accurate numbers with anyway, invest that with installing water out there bring food out there just like they do drops for the deer and for the other wildlife that are out there. Instead of bringing them in to captivity where they just sit in lot pens the rest of their lives it is wrong."