Judge Orders Nevada Brothel Owner to Show Financial Information

A federal judge in Wyoming has ordered the owner of a Nevada brothel who's charged with possessing and transporting child pornography to turn over financial information in the next two weeks.

Judge Alan B. Johnson ordered 55-year-old David Burgess to turn
over materials describing his business assets and liabilities.

Burgess owns the Old Bridge Ranch, a legal brothel east of Reno.

Johnson's order came in response to a challenge from federal
prosecutor Jim Anderson about whether Burgess is entitled to a a
free public defender.

Authorities charge that they found child pornography on Burgess'
laptop computer, seized during a traffic stop of a motor home last
July near Evanston.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol says both the driver and Burgess told
police they were members of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang.

James Barrett is an assistant federal public defender representing Burgess.

Barrett told Judge Johnson that Burgess doesn't own the ranch property, but has 10 years remaining on a 30-year lease.

Barrett says the Internal Revenue Service has been after Burgess
for money since the late 1990s.

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