Giveaway Scam

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We've all received those mass mailers
They say you've won a million dollars...but you have to send money back to receive your check.
Did you know people are actually losing responding to these giveaways.
This is a week's worth of mailings for Carol, who doesn't want to say her last name.
For three to four months, she answered these giveaways.
Eventually, sending 85-thousand dollars...for the promise of hundreds of thousands more.
Unfortunately, Carol learned that nothing in life is free...and if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
About a half dozen people, in the last two years, have fallen victim to this scam in Northern Nevada.
Police say the crooks are praying on the elderly...because they have time on their hands.
Usually, the victim never sees any of their money back.
But, for the first time...someone is getting their money back, and that person is Carol.
The 23-hundred dollar check Carol received...was liquidated from the assets of the con artists.
But, investigators say they're doubtful Carol will get the rest of her money...because it's hard to trace, or already been spent.