Trial Under Way In Minden Killing

Trial is under way in Minden for a woman accused of killing her husband and dumping his body in the desert.

Prosecutors allege Karen Bodden, who was previously convicted of
embezzling from her job, killed Robin Bodden after embezzling money
from his business and private accounts and out of fear he would turn her in.

Bodden's lawyer, James Wilson Jr., denied she had anything to do with her husband's death and told jurors prosecutors lacked evidence to prove it.

But District Attorney Mark Jackson says Bodden killed her husband out of greed.

He told the jury evidence would show she began embezzling money
from the 50-year-old aircraft mechanic's business and personal accounts 10 months before he died and continued to take money after
his death.

Karen Bodden was convicted of embezzling $44,000 from the Nevada
Department of Motor Vehicles in 2004.

Jackson argues Bodden feared her husband would report her and
she'd go to prison for violating probation.