New Nevada Licenses

A slow day here at the department of motor vehicles. There weren't your typical long lines or frustrated customers.
Most people we talked to today getting a new driver's license were in and out in about 15-minutes.

Asked if in the future they'd pay more for their licenses in the name of security, they said it was worth it.

Joanie Baysinger a license holder told us,
"I know someone who was involved with a theft with a license and ah its really easy. So yes, I would pay 75cents for it."

Her daughter Christina Baysinger says identity theft has already hit close to home.

"It's a problem. My cousin's credit was ruined because of license theft. I think 75-cents is a fair charge."

Instead of five security features contained on the current driver's license, the DMV Director Ginny Lewis says there will be 15. They include more than one picture of the license holder, and icons that contain information the average person would not be able to decipher.

" Identity theft, fraud, we are implementing biometric technology called facial recognition technology. So it can be sure that when you come in and you are already in our data base it is you and not someone else. Same picture different identity different name so these are great deterrants, great tools."

Lewis says because of their complexity, including that facial recognition software, which will weed out people trying to steal somebody's identity, among other things, make it necessary for an outside contractor at a secure central location to manufacturer the i-d. The driver's licenses will then be sent in the mail to recipients.

The program begins next fall, and the new licenses will be issued as people apply for or want to renew or replace the old licenses.

Lewis says she doens't know if these new licenses will comply with federal Real ID standards. But she says they will be closer than what is being issued now.

Real ID guidelines are expected to be released in the next couple of weeks.