Big Rigs Big Costs

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Their pain at the pump is palpable. With diesel prices at all time highs... especially here in the West... it's the little guy that's feeling the pinch.
Kelly Hadley drives for a small operator out of South Carolina... just five trucks. Freight coming West... carrying produce back to the Carolinas. But with diesel fuel 30 to 40 cents a gallon cheaper on the East Coast... their business model may be changing.
So drivers by just enough fuel to get through Nevada and California then buy enough fuel to get back to Texas, where it's around $2.01 a gallon.
A Reno trucker says he gets about 5 miles a gallon, and it costs him about a thousand dollars a week to fill up. Today's tank cost four hundred and 24-dollars...that's for 182 gallons. Another says he six years ago he paid 99-cents a gallon, now it's gonna be $2.50 this summer.