Fog Causes Airport Delays

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This winter, travelers through the Reno-Tahoe Airport are becoming all too familiar with the word "cancelled" flashing on these screens.
In November, it was an equipment problem...In December, snow. And now in January, fog.
Tracie Burton is a dancer with the Smokey Robinson Band. She and the rest of the entourage have already dealt with one cancellation and one delay...and will hopefully depart a day and a half after they were supposed to.
The fog also delayed another group of performers: the McQueen High School band, departing to Washington to play in the Inaugural festivities.
Most inconvenienced passengers, like Tracie, realize only Mother Nature is to blame, and put safety first.
The airports and the Federal Aviation Administration have different visibility requirements for take-offs and landings. Officials say the Reno airport is perfectly equipped to deal with heavy fog, but if those requirements aren't met, planes aren't going anywhere.