Rehearsing For Next Disaster

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In any emergency whether it's a flood, a wildfire or even an earthquake, having a clear plan to manage the situation is key.
Today one local agency got together to test their skills in preparing for an emergency they hope never takes place.
It happens quickly and with little warning. When natural disasters hit like the New Years Day Flood of 1997 they leave devistation and destruction behind.
"We learned a lot of lessons in 1997, said EOC directorAaron Kenneston, " one of the things we did was to create this regional emergency operation center and the building you're standing in right now was a result of the floods, we like to think we're prepared but only constant drilling gets us ready for the next event."
While you often can't predict a disaster you can plan for one. And that's exactly what the Truckee Meadows Water Authority does once a year. This years practice emergency...a 7.2 magnitude earthquake has hit, there's a 24 inch water main break, water line failure and pumps destroyed.
Tests like this are learning simulate the real thing and figure out how to manage a crisis without actually being in a real crisis and having to learn as you go.
Nevada is the third most seizemically active state in the country and of course there are threats from fires, snow and flooding."
Today's organizers say every year they participate in these mock emergencies they learn something new to incorporate in their emergency response plan.