Gilbert Lawyer Disputes Drug Tests

The director of Nevada's boxing regulatory agency says tests on a second, or "B" urine sample confirmed the presence of banned substances in middleweight boxer Joey Gilbert, a conclusion strongly disputed by Gilbert's lawyer.

Keith Kizer is executive director of the Nevada Athletic Commission.

He says the latest results show the presence of a stanozolol metabolite in Gilbert's pre-fight urine sample that indicates steroid use.

But Gilbert's lawyer, Mark Schopper (SHOW-per), says the testing is flawed and suspect because of a lack of protocols on how testing samples are handled.

He also disputes that the lab reports indicate a "positive" result.

The 31-year-old Gilbert faces a disciplinary hearing on the allegations of having five non-approved substances in his system during his knock-out victory over Charles Howe in September.

Gilbert has said he never knowingly took any illegal substances.

Last month, he turned over to the commission results of a lie detector test that he says backs up his assertion.