Lyon County Public Administrator Charged With Four Felonies

Lyon County District Attorney Bob Auer charged Lyon County Public Administrator Jason McLean with four counts of felony embezzlement of money, good, or property while acting improperly under color of authority of his position as the public administrator for Lyon County.

When a person dies in the County, the public administrator secures the money and property of the deceased person and thereafter, with court approval, administers the deceased person’s estate.

The public administrator is an elected official of Lyon County and is required to maintain a bond for the faithful performance of duties.

Counts one and two of the Criminal Complaint charge McLean with embezzlement of money, good or property, more than $250 but less than $2,500, both category C felonies.

Counts three and four charge McLean with embezzlement of money, good or property, more than $2500, both category B felonies.

McLean is alleged to have converted more than $16,000.00 from three different estates in Lyon County.

Bob Auer stated: “A public administrator is a bailee for the estates of Lyon County citizens and as such is entrusted to ensure the estates of loved ones are handled accurately.

Any alleged abuse of this power must be dealt with openly and completely through this judicial process.”

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