High Court Reviews Half Dozen Tahoe Property Tax Cases

The Nevada Supreme Court has heard a half-dozen appeals dealing with an ongoing property tax battle at Incline Village, on Lake Tahoe's northeast shore.

One lawsuit from The Village League to Save Incline Assets seeks to end further attempts by the Washoe County assessor to block a total of $12 million in tax cuts to about 8,700 property owners at Incline and Crystal Bay.

The property tax reductions were ordered by the Washoe County Board of Equalization to comply with a judge's order that granted a tax rollback to some 300 property owners.

The county board then applied the ruling to all other land owners at Incline.

The other five cases were grouped together by the high court because they are functionally identical.

They involve 38 landowners at Incline and Crystal Bay who won a summary judgment from another judge, thereby rolling their property taxes back to the 2002-2003 level.

The Washoe assessor is fighting those rollbacks as well.