Reno Poodle Grooming Shop Catches Fire

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Several local dog owners faced one of their worst nightmares Tuesday morning. Dorrie's Poodle Grooming Shop on Mill Street in Reno caught on fire at around 10:00 a.m. Tuesday.

The owner, Veronica Dorrie, says she smelled smoke all morning, but wasn't sure where it was coming from.

Four engines from Reno Fire Department responded, and while it took them several minutes to locate the source, they were able to put a small wall fire out and ventilate the building, before any of the tiny dogs were injured.

"I got a call from Dorrie and she said there was a fire in the house and they can't locate it. She asked me to pick up my dog. So here's "Wickett", all wet from the shower. He's doing okay, he's doing alright," said Jeanette Montero, who was happy to see her Shih-tzu, "Wickett."

Firefighters rescued six dogs from the building. None of them suffered from any injuries or smoke inhalation. Fire investigators say they don't yet know what caused the fire to spark up.