Mudslide Danger In Carson City

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You've seen the horrifying pictures all week.
A deadly mountain of earth burying homes and killing ten in La Conchita, California.
Now comes word that an area of Carson City is facing the same danger.
There is a chance that Carson City could get some warm rain this weekend on top of snow.
And if conditions are right it could be a recipe for disaster
Experts say warm rain on top of snow could trigger flash flooding or being debris in the area of last summer's fire.
Debris flow is when large boulders or other material flows down hill...on steep terrain like in Kings Canyon or Ash Canyon, experts say debris can move at 50 miles per hour.
According to water resource specialists it is extremely important to have an evacuation plan for your family and your neighborhood it's a good idea to buy a weather radio
This is not meant to send people into a panic, but authoritieswant people to to know about the dangers that could last for the next three to five years.