Grocery Signals New Downtown Life

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A new business which opened in downtown Reno is drawing a lot of attention.
It's a grocery store, something the downtown hasn't had for a long time and this could be a key addition to the city's downtown redevelopment plans.
The opening of small grocery stores don't usually merit ribbon cuttings, mayoral proclamations or, frankly, media coverage. This one does. It is first and foremost good news for those who live and work downtown.
But others in this crowd were smiling too and for bigger reasons.. The city's redevelopment efforts has seen some failures, but it's also seen a coffee shops, art galleries and boutiques struggle and fail. A key to success down here...they to have more people living and working downtown.
And that's the reason there may be more riding on this opening than its success and failure. What the city is trying to do no less than make the downtown a true downtown again. If that happens it will take creating much of what was once here decades ago.