Help Needed From Residents During Storm Event

City of Reno Public Safety Officials request the publics help during snow operations.

Residents can assist Reno Public Works, Reno Fire, and Reno Police by doing the following:

Only use 911 for emergencies. Do not use to request sand bag information.

Clear snow and ice from around the nearest fire hydrant to prevent potential delays in a fire emergency.

Carefully clear natural gas meters, regulators, propane tanks and lines of any snow by hand or by using a broom. Using shovels or other implements could cause severe damage.

Remove all parked vehicles or vehicles that were abandoned during the storm event from roadways. This allows for safer streets and for plowing operations to be more effective.

Drive slowly, keep a safe following distance, and be cautious of roadways with snow drifts, ice, or standing water.

Keep a safe distance away from operating plows.

Obstacles such as garbage cans, basketball hoops, and skate ramps should also be cleared from roadways.

Parents should have children play a safe distance away from streets.

Residents should assist with clearing the sidewalk adjacent to their property, minimizing ice build up, and not shoveling into the street. Snow and ice removed from sidewalks and driveways should be shoveled onto the property.

Clear any ditches, drains, or grates on private property from debris.

With arterial and collector streets completed, City crews are concentrating on clearing areas surrounding schools and then will focus on residential neighborhoods. Contractors have been hired to assist in areas with higher elevations. City crews are continuing to maintain 24 hour operations by working 12 hour shifts and are operating at a full staffing level. This shift will continue throughout the storm event.

Though isolated flooding is not expected, the City of Reno Public Works Department continues to have two sand bags locations available. Mira Loma Park at 3000 South McCarran Boulevard and Horseman?s Park at 2800 Pioneer Drive will remain set up through Wednesday. Sand and sand bags are available at each of these locations but residents must bring their own shovels, gloves or tools to fill the bags.

Remember to visit for information related to the 2007-2008 snow season. The website includes the City of Reno?s Snow and Ice Control Plan, a plan that outlines the methods and procedures that will occur during storm events. Route maps, environmental mandates, available resources and equipment are included.