Mustang Ranch Name Game

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The soap opera continues tonight...on who has the rights to world famous "Mustang Ranch" name.
We've learned Lance Gilman lost the first what's expected to be quite a legal battle over the next few months.
Judge David Hagan ruled two weeks ago...developer Lance Gilman could NOT open his new brothel in Storey County under the Mustang Ranch name.
Gilman said he wanted to open his business January 1st...but those plans have been put on hold.
Judge Hagan did grant the Burgesses, who own the Old Bridge Ranch, to continue to use the name.
Their brothel is located on the Old Mustang Ranch site...before the buildings were bought by Gilman in October of 2003, and moved to Patrick.
This case will no doubt go to trial.
That's expected in April.
In the meantime, Gilman continues to advertise his brothel...using the Mustang Ranch name.
Burgesses attorneys have filed a new motion...asking Judge Hagan to clarify his ruling, and for Gilman to stop using the name.