Damaged Streets

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We prayed for clear weather and a thaw and here it is. Road crews are even starting to make a dent on residential streets, but under all this snow and ice new trouble awaits and it's already making itself evident.
Potholes...bone jarring, suspension bottoming...potholes. It's enough to make a crosstown commute seem an off-road adventure, and pad the bottom line of local alignment shops for months to come. Potholes are a natural consequence of winter weather, and they actually begin when the snow thaws the water flows down through cracks in the pavement then freezes at night....expanding....add thaw the next day and some traffic you've got a pothole.
How well a roadway holds up depends on its condition. You'll see them here and there around town, but Ryland Street is already a virtual moonscape. It's likely do for a resurfacing in the meantime the city does have a plan.
In normal weather Steve Varela, the City Maintence Engineer says his crews will fix a pothole within 24 hours of first report. This...as we've been reminded repeatedly has not been normal weather. Still Reno road crews were out today filling holes and cracks with a cold patch mixture, good for a year or two. The freeze thaw cycle lasts as long as there's snow to melt and freezing temperatures at night.
With a couple of months of cold weather ahead. We're going to see a lot more of this kind of work for some time to come.