City Streets Being Plowed

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There are simply too many streets for the city's small fleet of plows, so much of the work has fallen to contractors. But it's the city that coordinates the work, and the priority is now residential areas, especially along the routes school buses travel.
And the city is asking all of us to move anything we have parked in the street--cars, trucks, trailers, and campers between 7:00 in the morning and 7:00 at night.
If you leave one of those in front of your house, you can expect a mound of snow around it, which could make it a lot harder to move later.
At Humboldt and Taylor street this afternoon, we found people welcoming the heavy equipment as if it were the Cavalry.
The city tells us the goal is to make every street passable with *two*-wheel drive vehicles as soon as possible.
If you'd like a list of the streets that will be plowed each day go to city's website