Homeless Get Storm Help From RAC

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Weather like this takes its hardest toll on the homeless people living outside.
But thanks to a network of agencies, every person who wants a warm bed can have one tonight.
At the Reno Assistance Center they're not only offering shelter, but a hot meal as well.
In fact, the Wine and Cheese Cellar on California Avenue donated a meal, after a scheduled party was cancelled.
When it's so cold outside, it's important to keep the bellies warm.
During this major winter storm, it's guaranteed that every single bed at the Reno Assistance Center will have an occupant.
Between the bunk beds, cots on the ground and second-story loft space, about 200 men will find the warmth and comfort the cold streets don't provide.
The heavy snow has also prevented many men from working their regular jobs...but it's also provided some with day-jobs shoveling driveways.
The RAC has also been able to provide a coat and warm clothing to any person in need
In winters past, some homeless people refuse to come inside, stubbornly maintaining their independence. But this series of storms has been so severe, that even the most hardcore have broken down to seek shelter.
The Reno Assistance Center continually needs donations of warm clothing, especially boots.
You can drop them off directly at the Center, 495 Morrill Avenue, Reno. The phone number is 324-3277
If the RAC has to turn away people, homeless men, women and families are now able to take up shelter in local motels, thanks to a recently brokered deal with the United Way.