Giving Storm Aid To The Elderly and Disabled

This kind of weather poses a number of threats to the elderly and disabled.
And trying to deal with the mounting, blowing snow, can be scary.
But there is place to sit it out in safety and not be alone.
Its at the Regional Emergency Operations Center.
The center was set up after the 19-97 floods.
Its a cooperative effort between Reno, Sparks, and Washoe County. Set up for times of emergency its been up and running this time, since New Year's Eve.
The Regional Emergency Operations Center isn't as busy as it would be in a bigger emergency...nevertheless there has been activity going on here since New Year's Eve.
Specifically Community Emergency Response Team or CERT Members or volunteers from The Citizens Homeland Security Council.
If you are disabled or a senior in need of an emergency prescription you may have talked to Elaine Nickovich or Jim White or one of their co-volunteers. They try to help those most in need of medication or food for the next couple of days.
Kaydie Paschall is the CERT Corrdinator. She's got an all-out call to her 90 volunteers. By email or phone call she's trying to line up her people to work the weekend delivering food or medications. But she takes calls too.This one is from a Sparks man who is hearing impaired and worried about his food supply.
The calls are taken and prioritized. There are cancer patients who need to get to dialysis...but the driveway is blocked. Then their are the calls from residents who are just scared.