Truckee Ground Zero of Storm

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The new Year's eve storm caught many of us unprepared we hadn't seen weather like this in some time.
There's evidence today, the lesson wasn't lost.
We were told to stock up and stay home if possible and many of us listened, walking to stores to buy that snow shovel we wish we had last week, salt for the walkway, food for the fridge.
And today, if we could, we stayed home, traffic was surprising light on Interstate 80.
It seems that many are staying home, those that are traveling have a reason.
Jeff Price is headed to a convention in Sacramento; he'll get there, but he'll be late.
First he has to figure out how to install those chains he just bought.
The chance to go snow boarding was enough for Emily Wu and friends
Some hit the road with a confidence that four wheel drive made them bullet-proof. It doesn't.
The wise traveler was taking it slow and easy in this weather.
As strong as these storms have been, they're nothing new to the Sierra.
Those who live up here are used to measure their snow in feet, rather than inches.
While Reno struggled, cursed and prepared to be snowed in, Truckee went about its business.