A Family's Plea

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Linda Ziegler's best friend, sister and son say the public only knows how she died. It was important, they said to know how she lived...who she was. Linda Ziegler was a city cop who retired to the Nevada mountains...and loved it. She was close to her family and friends, and had a soft spot for animals of all kinds. When she moved to the Virginia Highlands a couple of years ago.
Gary Brown followed. Brown was apparently in many ways Ziegler's opposite...adrift, often unemployed. The two had met and lived together a few years earlier in the Bay Area. It was apparently a relationship often troubled, and occasionally violent.
He was extremely jealous...two years ago ... a quarrel turned serious. Brown threatened her with an assault rifle. He surrendered after a brief standoff. Felony assault charges were dropped. He pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor, served a brief jail sentence and attended anger management courses. Ziegler....a veteran cop who had dealt with domestic violence cases eventually took him back.
He remains at large and that's the second reason Ziegler's friend and family came here. They know keeping the case in front of the public could be the key to finding him.