Back To School A Tough Trek

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Schools were delayed by two hours todayexcept for those in Gerlach and Incline Village.
Most everywhere else classes started at ten and eleven due to last week's storm.
The snow is piled up in the parking lots this morning from plowing and shoveling.
But, most walkways and sidewalks today were clear.
Buses were on schedule and, at Stead Elementary half of the students use the bus.
The rest are either, dropped off by their parents, or walk to school.
During the snow days, some parents had to stay home with their kids...or, take them to work.
They say it was a major inconvenience...and wonder who's going to pay for their lost wages.
School administrators say there's no one to's just an act of mother nature.
The school district says it will take a look at this next storm after the weekend.
If it's as big as the last one, school start times may have to be delayed next week.
Or, possible snow days.
Classes would then be made up in June.