Help For Seniors

With blocked roadways and driveways, many local residents don't have family or friends to help shovel them out. That's why they may turn to Washoe County Inmates for help.Three crews from Washoe County's Jail have been working eleven hour shifts--shoveling and lifting snow many seniors and disabled residents cannot.
Inmates have been working for three or four straight days trying to get a handle on the more than four hundred calls which have come into the Snow Hotline since last Thursday. But the snow shoveling service is just one offered by the county.
Grace Cloninger is a member of the Community Emergency Response Team or Cert. She's volunteering to pick up medication for those in need. The woman here who didn't want to talk to us on camera says Grace is a real hero in our community--without her she'd be out of medicine, and trapped for days inside her trailer.
If you are on a fixed income or are disabled and need your driveway and sidewalk cleared, you can call 785-4241.
For those residents who are homebound and need medication or oxygen, you can ask for a CERT volunteer for assistance by calling 337-5820.