Downtown Shooting Suspect Arrested in Shasta County

Arturo Bolanos
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RENO, NV - Shooting suspect Arturo Bolanos was arrested in Shasta County, California, during a traffic stop. He will remain in custody there until extradition proceedings allow for his return to Reno.

Reno police have released a photo of 25-year-old Bolanos. They took it in the early morning hours of Sunday, October 2nd, not long after a shooting at the parking garage across the street from the Freight House District.

That’s where four people inside a car were shot. One of them, 28-year-old Macario Ortiz, of Carson City, did not survive. As police tried to track down witnesses and the rifle that morning, they questioned Arturo Bolanos – who admitted he had been in a fight that morning.

“As far as the shooting itself, he offered no information in it,” says Lt. Mohammad Rafaqat, with the Reno Police Department.

That morning, just minutes after the shooting around 3:15 am, someone driving a Honda had contacted police – saying that a man in the field near police headquarters was linked to the shooting. That’s when an officer walked out of police headquarters and came and got the man in the field, later identified as Bolanos, and took him in for questioning.

“We interviewed him and got him to give us a statement. And we were able to photograph him in his condition at that time,” says Lt. Rafaqat, who says Bolanos was not very cooperative. After about an hour, police had to let him go.

“It’s very critical for people to understand that even though we had him here he made no admission to the shooting. We had no witnesses at that time that came forward and said he was the one who did the shooting. We had no video evidence to tie him to the shooting at that time. But we were concerned enough that he had some role in the shooting that we had surveillance going on him to kind of keep tabs on his whereabouts for two days after we released him - in hopes of people coming forward; people releasing additional information that would tie him to the shooting. Unfortunately, we don’t have unlimited resources. And that information that he was actually finally identified as the shooter didn’t come until days later,” says Lt. Rafaqat.

Police say, finally, people did call with the tips they were waiting for.

“Eyewitnesses that actually came forward three days later that said they actually saw (Bolanos) with the weapon and firing that weapon,” says Lt. Rafaqat. “Those witnesses were not available to us that night and that’s why he was let go and to detain him any further would have been unconstitutional.”