City Street Problems

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Earlier this year....a big storm caught the county road department with 11 of its vehicles out of commission for maintenance. We asked Ben Garrett, Road Supervisor, for Washoe County what they were going to do differently and he says all their trucks will be working this weekend.
That means 35 vehicles in the Reno area...more at Incline and the northern part of the county. With a large fleet the county's crews can usually clear its 14-hundred miles of road in 8 hours in a normal snowfall
Garrett: 16....this is not a normal snowfall. And just how bad the roads seem depended on where you were driving.
Down in the valley, things were mostly wet and slushy by mid-day. It was another world at the higher elevations. Up in northwest Reno, city plows were very busy....and during the heaviest snowfall....just keeping up. The city's road manager says crews have been at it for sometime....since late Tuesday night, in fact, when rainy streets turned to black ice. He says his crews will be working around the clock, but motorists everywhere should expect more problems tonight.