Area Adventurer Survives Tsunami

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A Carson City family is watching reports from Southeast Asia with special interest and concern. Their son - a 1991 graduate of Carson City High - survived the tsunami in Thailand.
Actually, the first word the family heard of the disastrous tsunami was a satellite phone call from their son.
Bev and Ron Gutzman are used to hearing of their son's adventures from afar with a mixture of concern and confidence. That phone call was one they never expected and it saved them hours and days of worry
The Gutzmans say their son Dave has had a wanderlust since high school, traveling and living abroad from time to time during his education and after. Two years ago he and a childhood friend set out on a sailing trip around the world. The friend came home after they reached Australia and Dave continued on with a new sailing mate, a Danish woman he met in Australia.
This weekend found them anchored at an island off Phuket, Thailand.
The Gutzmans say they know they could have been among the thousands still waiting to hear the fate of their loved ones. They're are grateful that call came before they'd heard of the disaster in the media.
Guztman says his son reports his boat and crew are fine. They can make their own fresh water and have plenty of food.