Lose A Little Gain A Lot Results

Measurements are being taken and numbers calculated as our "Lose A Little, Gain a Lot" participants head towards the final stretch.In the past six months 18-local residents have tried to lose 18-pounds. Tonight in Medical Minutes, Terri Russell shows us what they've accomplished.
Lisa Mantkus is getting the final results of her six month weight loss program. She along with 18-people has tried to lose 18-pounds in six months. According to calculations, she's lost 13-pounds, lowered her body fat by three-Percent and lost nearly six inches off her waist.
Program coordinator nutritionist Vicki Bovee says team 18-actually dwindled down to a solid group of 12 over the months. Of that, all lost at least some weight. The least--one-pound, the most more than 30-pounds. Other significant findings, five lowered their cholesterol levels, six-their triglyceride levels. Four raised their good cholesterol, five lowered their bad cholesterol.
Team 18-members we talked to liked the bells and whistles of the program. The digiwalkers which told them if they walked 10-thousand steps a day, and completed 18-marathons in six months. Testing to see what their resting metabolic rate was. That helped determine how many calories they could take in a day. They also liked the idea of logging in their daily activity and food intake. But Vicki says its not the bells and whistles which made the difference.
Bovee says she and the others knew everyone would lose weight at different levels and times--which is something everyone out there struggling with weight needs to understand.
What's perhaps more important...keeping the weight off. Which is why Bovee has set up a follow-up program for team 18...Nine of them have already signed up. With Lose A Little Gain A lot, Terri Russell KOLO News Channel 8.