CommRow Gets Ready to Open

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Reno, NV - Some people are having a hard time grasping why an urban adventure facility is opening up in downtown Reno. But the folks behind CommRow are betting this place will succeed because it's not like the casinos around it.

"Non-smoking, non-gambling, pet friendly," says Natasha Bourlin, communications director for CommRow.

And while kids can boulder around and bounce off the walls on the second floor, there's much more to do. CommRow will feature 11 places to eat and drink and two live entertainment venues. But it's the outside of the building that's getting the most attention.

"It's really cool. I like it," says Bradley Parker, who was checking the building out from the outside.

At 164 feet, it is the world's tallest climbing wall.

"We just beat the current tallest in the Netherlands by 40 feet!" says Bourlin.

"That's too high. Too high for me," says Bob Frazer, who was visiting Reno with his wife.

People have been stopping in their tracks all day to look past the arch.

"I like to see something different. And this is very different," says Eleanor Frazer, a tourist from Alberta, Canada.

While not everyone's ready to give it a shot, most say, in a city known for gambling, they're glad the developer is taking a risk.

"I think he's taking a big chance with the way the economy is, but you know, no one wins unless people take chances, so it's a good thing," Bradley Parker.

The grand opening takes place Saturday and it's not just the 15-story wall that will be ready. There will be live music inside and plenty of opportunities to try out the food at the restaurants.